First post on WordPress!

Hey, there, if you’re there. I don’t think I had any official followers (sadly) but there were some nice people out there who read my posts on Google+, so maybe they’ll be really nice and follow me over here. Oh, well. So, I’ve decided to do a weekly post that might not be weekly, but I’m going to post one day a week. I haven’t decided what day exactly, but I’m posting it now. It’s this thing I got from my friend Kiera. It’s my life story! Sort of.

My parents were Rocky and Ginger from Chicken Run. I grew up on Tweedy’s Farm and Katniss Everdeen was my childhood friend. I grew up and married Nicholas Nickleby. We lived happily together for four years and had one child during that time. One day, my spouse disappeared. A ransom note reading “;) It’s only awkward if you make it awkward…which is the most untrue thing ever, but it is true sometimes. Just act natural;)” was left by the dastardly villain, Peeta Mellark! I set out on a quest to find them. My weapon of choice was a pencil and the only clue I had to the villain’s hideout was a pipe cleaner. Sarah Johnson was my ally. After 27 days of searching, we finally found the hideout. It was located at the River Valley Athletic Club! I found my spouse trapped in the villain’s dungeon and freed him with the help of four cans of Arizona Sweet Tea. The villain found us! After a long battle, we defeated the villain and went home and lived happily ever after! Yay!

Okay, you could probably guess that’s not my legit life story. What I got from Kiera was this list of questions:

  1. The last couple you saw kiss in a movie/TV show are your parents
  2. The setting of the last movie you saw is where you grow up.
  3. First fictional character you think of (think of one before reading further) is your childhood friend.
  4. You grow up. The main character (or main alley) in the book you are currently reading is your spouse.
  5. You live happily together for [the number of tabs open on your computer] amount of years.
  6. The last digit of your phone number is how many kids you have.
  7. One day your spouse disappears. The last text message/last line of email you sent is a ransom note that was sent to you by…
  8. The dastardly villain! The last fictional character you cried over (or if you don’t cry while reading/watching things, got close to crying over/made you really sad).
  9. You set out on a quest to find them. The object nearest on your left side is your weapon of choice.
  10. The object nearest your right is the only clue you have that will lead you to the villain’s hideout.
  11. Look over at the left of your gmail. The last person you chatted with (person on top of contacts) is your ally.
  12. After [day of your birthday (ex. the 1st, 5th, etc.)] days of searching, you finally find the hideout.
  13. It’s located… [the last place you went other than your house]
  14. You find your spouse trapped in the villain’s dungeon. You free him/her with the help of a [last item you bought]
  15. Uh-oh! The villain found you! If the second to last digit of your phone number is an odd number: after a long battle, you defeat the villain and go home and live happily ever after! Yay!

If the second to last digit of your phone number is an even number: After a long battle, the villain defeats you and you all die and no one lives happily ever after. Sad.

Try it out, and comment if you got anything really great! One time when I did this, I was married to Peeta…and Peeta was the villain who kidnapped my spouse… And I’m going to do this once a week. I’ll let you know when I decide which day.

God bless!


I swam a mile on Friday! Literally, a whole mile! I was soooo tired and out-of-breath and hungry and my stomach had this empty feeling for the rest of the day:P

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