May the Forth

Hey, guys! So, guess what today is. May the Fourth. And y’all know what that means…

Official Star Wars Fandom Day!!! Okay, not official, but it should be. So, today, I will be talking about Star Wars!

I first saw A New Hope with my parents and my best friend Lydia when I was ten years old. I thought it was about the coolest thing ever that I was finally able to see Star Wars!!! And then I basically had nothing to do with Star Wars until I was thirteen, when my older sister Lizzie and I planned a Star Wars marathon for four, five, and six. My sister always said she didn’t LOVE Star Wars, but it was Star Wars. If you’re a fan girl, you just gotta like Star Wars. Plus, she always said, Han Solo. Just Han Solo. And on that point, I agree wholeheartedly.

After seeing the fourth Star Wars and then basically abandoning the fandom for a few years, I always called myself a “Jedi in training”. I wasn’t active enough in the fandom to be a legit Jedi, but I was planning to be more active in future, so I was in training. I now consider myself more of an actual Star Wars fan girl, but not was much as some people coughcoughhannahkierakellycoughcough. I am completely in the Han Solo fan club, though. Because, seriously. Han Solo.

Okay, let’s just skip everyone and everything else, and got straight to Han Solo. Because Han Solo. Ah, where to start! Well, first of all, I personally don’t think he’s much of a looker. Not that he’s ugly or anything, he’s just not super hot. Granted, he does have some pictures that make my heart beat normally, but really, his hair? It’s no where NEAR as good as Nicholas Cage’s.

Just kidding.

But seriously, his hair is kind of weird. Kind of poofy. Oh well. His awesome epic sassy bossness makes up for any physical deformities.

I could say so much more about Han Solo, but I actually have to go now, so I’ll sum up with this picture(s):han solo 5

han solo 6

Those were the only two pictures that would upload onto here, but they work:D

May the forth be with you!

—Ari Sinclair—

I got Nelson’s ice cream today for the first time this year. So much yum…

(I tried to upload a picture of the child’s size, but it wasn’t working. Stupid computerXP)


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