A Girl

Once there was a girl who wanted so much to be accepted. She wanted to be beautiful. She wanted to be popular. She wanted someone to tell her she was beautiful. She wanted so bad to fit in, to be liked, that she spent almost every moment trying to perfect her face and hair, trying to slim her waist. She had people who told her she was beautiful and funny, but she wanted someone special to tell her. She wanted a boy, a boy who loved her and thought she was the prettiest girl around, and who told her so, and wanted to be with her, and liked spending time just looking and listening to her. She knew it was silly, she knew she didn’t need a boy to like her, but without him, she felt somehow inadequate, as if she wasn’t good enough. So everyday she spent so much time trying to be perfect. She wasted so much time worrying about how she looked and acted and appeared to other people, she forgot something very important: there was someone way more important than any boy who thought she was beautiful and simply amazing, someone who loved her so much even before she was born that he gave up his own life so that she could live.

But the girl forgot this. And so she wasted her life, spent it on superficial things, forgetting that the only person who mattered didn’t require anything of her except that she disregard what everyone else thought.

If only someone had reminded her, they would have saved her from so much.


Sorry I haven’t posted in literally forever, I’ll try to do better:)


  1. Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much
    the same layout and design. Great choice of colors!


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