Friday night to Saturday I was at a leadership conference and now I’m all like

Yay leadership! Go be a leader! Do hard things! Go invite someone to club!

Part of that might be because I got five hours of sleep last night.

The original title of this post was “Leadership” but once I started writing, it kind of took a pretty different turn, so that Leadership post will just have to wait;)

I went to this leadership conference last year and had a blast and came home feeling inspired and all that jazz, so I was really excited for this year. Honestly, though, I think I was more excited to hang out with my friends and play all sorts of crazy games than I was about learning to be a leader. Because learning things is hard. And learning to be a leader is especially hard.

And that’s how the night started off. I was excited to see my friends and -oh, yeah. The messages. Yeah, those’ll probably be good too. But friends! Yay!

But right off the bat, I was reminded why I was at this conference. I had been chosen by my Bible club director to be a leader, an honour I too often take for granted. I was there to learn how to be a Christ-like leader -and a servant. I was there, hearing about how leaders are supposed to do hard things, because, as my friend Bella said in her marvelous devotional, Christ did the hard thing first. And as the night progressed, I started feeling God really pulling on my heart, telling me I’d better listen up, because he was going to tell me something. During the first part of the night, I found myself being distracted by a lot of…distractions. (derp) My mind would wander, or I would notice someone in the room and go off into a really long train of random thoughts more or less connected to them:P I was honestly getting really frustrated, because I was trying to pay attention (I was, really!) and then I suddenly realized it was Satan putting all those distractions in my head, trying to make sure I DIDN’T hear the message, DIDN’T hear what God wanted me to hear.

Sometimes Satan makes me laugh.

Okay, that didn’t come out quite right, but I meant, he must think he’s so clever, putting all these little thoughts into my head, trying to distract me from God. But if God wants one of His children to hear something, He’ll make sure they hear it! I had to pray for God to remove all those distractions from my mind, and once He did, I was able to focus really well (amazing for somebody with ADD), and God really did speak to me, in so many ways!

One thing God showed me was how often this sort of thing happens (I find myself being distracted from Him), and how often I don’t give up those distractions to him. Friends, books, school, music, movies, siblings,


quizzing, even this blog, Satan can use anything to distract me from what matters. He can use obvious things like books or movies, he can use things that are definitely very important in their places like friends or school, but he can also use things that can sneak up on us, like my Bible Quizzing. I mean, heck, I’m memorizing God’s Word, how can I be distracted from him? But too often, I focus more on just reaching my goal for the week, on just getting it done and over with, or I stress over it so much I forget why I’m actually doing it.

Satan can use anything, but you know who else can use anything to get our attention?

God controls space and time, he knows what’s going to happen tomorrow and two weeks from now, and two years, and two decades, and two centuries from now! If he wants one of his children’s attention, he’ll find a way of getting it. But we have to have our hearts open. When we realize we’re getting distracted, when we realize something is taking up too much of our time, or is leading us astray, we need to give it up to God. He’s waiting with open arms to receive all our problems, especially when it means we’ll put our focus back on him.

My thoughts on distractions after five hours of sleep. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some schoolwork I was supposed to finish up awhile ago.



  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! I have been going through the same thing and was wondering if I was alone. I guess not! Thank you so much for putting into words the things that I (as well as you) have been going through. How do you put this kind of thing into words that make sense?!?! You did it wonderfully!


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