You know what I sometimes wish I could do all the time? Sit in my room all day wearing cute outfits and watching my shows and eating chocolate. There are a few other few other things thrown in, like hanging out with my friends and my imaginary boyfriend (his name is Dylan, and don’t any of you other gals being throwin’ your eyes at him or I will poke them out), swimming, writing, sitting in silence. Reading good books. Going for walks. Listening to this awesome radio station called The Remnant. Playing the piano. Singing. Laughing. Shopping for clothes I don’t have to try on before buying. Listening to music. Painting. Blogging (lol). Sleeping. No school. No chores. No responsibility. Just doing what I want when I want to.

But, as I am daily reminded, that’s simply not how the world works. In the real world, you have school and chores and responsibilities.

And sometimes, that sucks.


I’m hoping to do a post of my top 5 OTP’s (One True Pairs) soon, but I need help! Comment with your OTPs!


    So cute!!!
    I like The part about your boyfriend Dylan and if any of the girls look at him you’re going to poke your eyes out that’s awesome! That’s too funny you’re cute!


  2. Woah, I don’t remember naming him *cough* I mean, I don’t remember his name being Dylan…that must have been one of my older imaginary boyfriends…right now, I’ve got this really great guy named Netflix. He’s really funny, and sweet, and he knows how to make me laugh, and sometimes cry. We’ve got a great relationship. I think he’s going to propose soon, actually…


    1. Hahaha LOL Netflix, I get it! Same here! Ohhh, he’s gonna propose you think? You’ll have to invite me to the wedding (Unless you say no to him.), then we can meet in person.


  3. Wow, that’s a good way to sum it up! Guess what, one of my friends is allergic to chocolate, so her life is totally miserable. (JK)All of the above, I love doing all of those things! Especially singing and playing guitar. Oh, and as far as having a boyfriend, I got one already, his name is Jesus Christ. I am one of those people who is totally obsessed with Him. What does your look like, tall and muscular, blond hair, blue eyes? (You are too much fun!) Oh yeah, I keep forgetting I live in the real world. Do you think I am reading too many books, or writing too much? (As if there is such a thing!) OTP’s, I’m confused! You mean find two people that would be right for each other? Like siblings?


    1. Haha, I don’t have a physical image of him really, but he’s got a great personality;D That’s so sad, about your friendD= I send my condolences;D Never too many words, whether you’re reading or writing them! OTP’s are usually fictional characters, so from books or movies:)
      Thanks for reading!


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