This is going to be a pretty random post about music in my life, so, sorry if you get bored…


I love music. A lot. Whatever I’m doing, if I’m not watching Netflix, I’m listening to music. I know a lot of people like Spotify, and I’m sure it’s wonderful (once you figure out how it works…which I couldn’t), but I’m perfectly content with plain old Pandora. Right now I’m listening to my James Bay station, and I’m loving the mix of music it’s playing. I like the variety I get on my stations, and I like hearing new songs and artists. I listen to music while I write, read, blog, do chores or schoolwork, shower, eat, sleep, clean my room, basically whatever I’m doing, I listen to music.


Recently, I’ve been “teaching” myself how to play some popular, low-key/folkish/not upbeat pop songs. So far, I’ve learned Let Her Go by Passenger, Say Something by Great Big World, and A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, and I’m currently working on Demons by Imagine Dragons, and after that, probably Viva La Vida, a song with a beautiful melody. I honestly don’t remember any of the lyrics because I’ve heard various instrumental versions more than I’ve heard the lyrical! If you have any suggestions of other songs I should learn, let me know!


So, I play piano, and I’m sort of teaching myself violin, but I haven’t gotten very far yet:/ I’ve been a little distracted by a lot of life:P So far, I can pluck “Twinkle, Twinkle” pretty decently, and I can do basic scales, but I can’t really do anything beyond that:P


I was playing piano for Youth Group, but I’ve decided to take a month off to focus on school and regain some schedule. Playing for the youth group was fun, but it was difficult taking over from my sisters Anna and Emily, because they are both SO good at improv and playing by ear and all that, and I’m…not:P But Chas (whatdya mean that’s not a word?) and Sam and all them’ins have been really patient with me:)


Now, several days after listening to James Bay ^^^ I’m listening to my “Instrumental for Studying” station. Basically, it’s just a bunch of instrumental covers of pop songs. Except right now, it’s an all-piano cover of “Colours of the Wind”. It’s pretty^-^ And now Clocks, by 2cellos (it’s these two really hot Croatian guys who play cello and piano=D)


Music is a huge part of my life, as I hope this post has demonstrated. I love singing (I do so almost constantly. When I’m not singing, I’m humming or whistling:)), I love playing piano and violin, I love listening to music. Music is bae. It’s…fabulous.

Idk, man. It’s just pretty rad.


I still need your help with my OTP post! Remember, an OTP is a One True Pair, basically, your biggest ships (for my purposes, just your fictional ships).

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