*sigh* #2

Okay, I know sigh isn’t exactly the most dynamic post title, and that I already have one with that title, but I couldn’t really think of a better one. I was considering “Angst” but figured that might not exactly be the best way to start a post…

Do you ever have those days when basically everything seems to be against you, and you kind of wish being an angsty, dramatic teenager like in the movies would somehow help you solve your problems? I mean, that’s how it goes in the movies, right? These teens are so full of angst and drama, but eventually, all their problems get resolved.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. And reverting to your angsty, dramatic teenager side will just annoy people around you. Especially when you don’t have an angsty teenager side, so you just end up looking depressed to your family. coughmecough.

Yeah, that was kind of me this evening…Then I realized how stupid that was, and that trying to be an “angsty teenager” would literally help nothing. Like, zero. Zip. Nada.

So, instead, I decided to type up this short post to relieve myself, listen to my Hillsong station on Pandora, and buckle down to get life done so I can still hopefully go to my friend Elizabeth’s party.

Take my word for it: angst solves nothing. It’s much better to pray for peace, joy, patience, whatever you’re lacking, listen to good music, and try to be peaceful, or joyful, or patient, or whatever, in your situation.

—Ari Sinclair—


I’m still hoping to do that OTP post, but I need all y’alls help! Comment with your favourite fictional couples (One True Pairs).


  1. Hey Ari!
    I hate how the movies always make everything so “perfect.” To be honest, my parents have only seen my “angst teenager” side a couple of times, but that’s because I play basketball, and it’s stressful! They don’t know me well enough to see that I even get depressed. (I always wear the same face, a chill face, not frowning, not smiling.)
    Hillsong is AMAZING! I love them so much! (Pandora is good too…)
    That’s so true, angst does solve nothing. Like you said, “Like zero…Zip…Nada!” (Yet us teenagers still do it…)


    1. Hey Cass!
      Same, I hate that too! Or even if they do have flaws, you only see one part of their “life”, so once the movie ends with everyone’s problems solved, it always make you think that ending must have gone on forever, and they all died with perfect lives:P
      Same for me! I mean, I do smile (I have three adorable siblings, how could I not smile?) but I’m usually feeling a lot more than I let on…
      lol, everybody uses Spotify and they all rave about it. I tried it, but…idk, I like the variety I get on Pandora, and I’ve met some really cool people:) (<3 White Rose Angel, my big sister)
      btw, I'll try to get a letter sent out tomorrow! If not, Monday "for sure." ('member the last time I said that?;D)


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