Late birthday post

Hey, guys, this is a post I promised a certain special someone and never wrote, and now it’s late, but I’m still going to post it:)

This post is in honour of a very special friend, Caitlin Elise Voye. Her birthday was actually on April 14th, but, of course, being the wonderful friend that I am…I forgot it…([to Caitlin] hey, I told you not to expect too much because I’d forget…) I didn’t forget her birthday, mind you (I changed my braces to her fav colour [blue] and gold [because it was her golden birthday!], and I threw a little surprise party for her!). I just forgot about this post:P But, here it is. (Warning: This post is guaranteed to be full of inside jokes, so if you don’t get something, don’t feel bad, and feel free to ask about it;))

First off, let me tell you a little bit about my friend. She’s…amazing. And…wonderful. And…a way better friend than me. Ya know what, if I want to describe her properly and fully, I think I’m gonna have to make…

A LIST! cheers

  1. She’s humble.

Cat is an amazingly humble person. She never expects anything of anyone else, never assumes she should get something, and always puts others first. She thinks of her friends’ interests before her own and is always self-forgetting. She is unassuming and lives out Philippians 2:4 in a truly inspiring way.

  1. She’s beautiful.

Seriously, guys. She’s gorgeous.

Crazy Beautiful.

IMG_2466 (1)

Her hair is this amazing glossy dark brown and crazy long and has amazing body without being full-on curly, and her eyes, HER EYES–they’re also dark brown, and so big and expressionful! (Hey, if expressionless is a word, why not expressionful? Oh wait, I guess that’d be expressive…whatevs:P) They’re generally gentle and happy, but their expression can range from angry to pleading to fearful to excited to joyful to apoivnaposdifu (if you saw the look, you’d agree). She’s really stylish and always dresses modest but so cute! (I want you to pick out my outfit for my first date, k?) Her smile (she’s got perfect teeth. seriously. #sojealous) is so bright and cheerful and sincere, but that’s just one of her many crazy variety of expressions! I would post some pictures of other facial expressions, but I value our friendship…;-)

  1. She’s loving.

Every time we talk, whether online or in person, she makes me feel so loved and appreciated. She tells me all the time how much she loves me (snirt)  and whenever I’m gone for the weekend, or not online all day, or am gone for two hours, she sends me sixty messages letting me know she misses me and here’s a picture of a cute celebrity. She sends me lots of cyber-hugs and loves to snuggle when we get together (SO not often enough!) and gets crazy excited at the prospect of seeing me. But, she’s like that with everybody. Sure, she’s got those moments when she wants to kill me or one of our friends or Kaidden (lol), but over all, she talks positively about other people and spreads Christ’s love to all her friends and family.

  1. She’s funny.

I’m pretty sure the two of us have laughed together way more than is healthy. Jk, laughter’s like a health food, except you can NEVER have too much! Emoji wars, conversations through stickers online, inside jokes out of something kinda-sorta-ish funny one of us did when we were together, awful puns about Dell computers and variations of common phrases and expressions (we are totes steamboats). Also, I’m pretty sure we’ve passed the legal limit of hashtags two friends can send each other (#worldrecord #friendgoalz #wewin #hashtaggameshow #youmehashtagslet’sdothis #lol #dieslaughing). Oh dear. But seriously, Cat can make me laugh when I’m depressed or angry or stressed or disappointed or sick or tired or sick and tired of life. She always knows how to cheer me up (I’m not ashamed to say that it can be as simple as a meme or ridiculous picture, or a well-timed snort or snort variation…#snortanian snort snorty).

  1. She’s stylish.

This girl’s got more fashion-sense in her…head…than I do…idk, I mean, her little finger isn’t especially fashion-sense-ish…Actually, though, she’s got some super cute rings…Anywho, Cat knows what she looks good in, and manages to wear a variety of super cute outfits. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, hang-out, beach, school or performance, she’s always looking stylish, but not flashy. She’s always modest and tasteful. And her hair…that girl can do hair like nobody’s business. Except my business. When she braids my hair before I give a speech. It helps calm me. Literally. She can do French braids, fishtail braids, Dutch braids, French fishtails, Dutch fishtails, French Dutch braids, French-Dutch fishtails…and then plain old-fashioned three-strand braids. She can twist, brush, tie, braid, curl and flip hair into all sorts of braids, buns and…bony tails. (because pony tails would have ruined the alliteration.) On top of all that, she can do makeup and nails! Like I said. Cat, you’re doing me up for my first date, k?

(Whoa, those paragraphs got steadily longer…)

And here’s a list of 14 adjectives to describe her:

  1. Creative

  2. An amazing artist

  3. Patient

  4. Shy (but not in a bad way)

  5. Inspiring

  6. Loyal

  7. A beautiful pianist

  8. A focused leader

  9. Talented in so many ways

  10. Strong. Seriously. You are so strong.

  11. Stubborn

  12. Faithful

  13. Sympathetic

  14. Fantabulously wonderfully amazingly awesome

And that is my best friend.

Caitlin Elise Voye.

I am so, SO blessed to have you as my friend. I can’t believe God has allowed us to remain such fast friends since KINDERGARTEN! You have encouraged and inspired and prayed me through so many hardships. You’ve laughed and learned and cuddled and cried with me. (#alliterationgoalz #mrsknefelkamptaughtuswell #elementarymemories #goodtimes) Happy birthday, sweet girl. And may this be the most golden year of your life, of our friendship, and of your relationship with God.

I love you to the moon and back!

prepares defibrillator

Love from your bestie,

—Ari…okay, EJH;)—


I had so much fun writing this post. Seriously, I’d forgotten how much FUN blogging can be! Hopefully you enjoyed this post as much as I did;) And, just because I’m happy, here’s a happy song^-^

Also, happy birthday to Amanda (May 11th), Lydia (May 20th), Grandma (June 9th), Uncle Tom (June 18th), and Lizzie (June 29th).

Also also, keep commenting with your OTPs! Cat’s is Percabeth, how about you?

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