Best Friends


Yeah, I know, it was a while ago, but I didn’t get to post, and they’re still my best friends, so here I am. I’m trying to decide how to do this…I think I’ll use pictures and memes to describe each gal and our relationship. (Warning: Guaranteed to be another inside joke-filled post.)


(I still don’t remember how I started calling her Peewee. It just…came out. But however it came about, it’s actually super cool. Her grandpa died a few years ago, and at his funeral, she found out that his friends used to call him Peewee! That was a super sweet discovery!)


Oh, Peewee, the tears we’ve shed together… Remember the night by the fountain, with Curly? Remember the time at the church picnic, when you were still with Horses? Remember the tears of laughter at our inside jokes, like code names and farewells? It’s hard to be sad around you;) but you always understand when I need some space, or a hug, or need to talk something out.


I think this fits us pretty well:) For a while, we didn’t see much of each other. (I missed you a lot;() But then we started seeing each other more often, and hanging out, and had a sleepover again, and it was exactly like before. Let’s hang out more often!!!


You are such an amazing young woman, I’m so proud of you! You’ve made it through so much, I’ve seen you grow so much, in character and faith. I’m proud of your brains (you’re pretty darn smart;)), I’m proud of your acting skills (I’m so pumped for Emma=D You are going to be an amazing Mrs. Elton!!!), I’m proud of your social skills (you’re so good at making people feel welcome and loved), but most of all, I’m proud of the way you’ve grown in your walk with God. I’ve seen you mature so much through the years, until now. You are encouraging and inspiring, you have such immense faith and trust, you bring the Spirit’s joy and love everywhere you go. I’m so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished.

She is sweet, gentle, confident, sensitive, understanding, inspiring, gorgeous, creative, silly, a sympathetic listener and a woman of God. My bosom friend;) I wuv ‘ou, Peewee!


(This nickname comes from her beautiful head of glossy brown curls. Girl, you are hair goals. Well, your hair is hair goals.)


…I’m pretty sure this basically sums up our relationship. xD Well, most of the time. Sometimes, a best friend is the one who cries with you when you fall down. (…was that sappy? Sorry:P) But it’s true! We’ve laughed PLENTY together, but we’ve also cried together, and the laughter and tears we’ve shared are what help us trust each other:)


This is you, Curly. Sometimes, it really feels like you understand me better than I understand myself. You’ve helped me work out so many problems, get through so many hard things and helped me understand myself better. I’m pretty sure studying you has helped me understand myself more, and also changed me, because I want to be more like you.


This is so true. When we were first met, I was probably pretty quiet (I don’t remember for sure. Do you?). After we’d gotten to know each other a little  better (probably by about three months), you were beginning to realize I wasn’t actually as quiet as you’d assumed (you probably wanted me to shut up most of the time). But by the time I was born, we were fast friends, and just the fact that we communicated through Morse code before I was born, proves that we are BOTH pretty insane;D Maybe not COMPLETELY insane…but pretty close. Thanks for putting up with me and my crazy.

She is beautiful, wise, chill, funny, humble, encouraging, imaginative, modest, mature, a level-headed thinker and an amazing daughter of the King. Mon meilleur ami. Love ya, Curly!


(I didn’t start calling her Cat until fairly recently, but it fits. Because, besides being a fluffy, adorable, fluffy little chickadee, you’re also like an adorable kitten. One that doesn’t make you sneeze.)


This is pretty legit…Love you, mom;) But in all seriousness, you’re like a sister to me. You’re always there for me and we laugh and cry together, but it’s probably a good thing we don’t actually live together. Somehow, I don’t think it would take too long for us to drive each other nuts. Just like sisters;D


We’ve gone through some pretty messy stuff together, but always made it through in the end:) I made you laugh when Percy was being an idiot, you made me feel loved when I was feeling hopeless, I (tried. maybe failed:P) to help you relax when you were stressed, you were always there to listen when I needed to cry and/or rant. We’ll get through the rest of life’s crap together…and with lots of God’s help!


…forever. And ever. You are never leaving this friendship. And not just because you already know a lot…I need you to spill to. Thanks for letting me talk to you about anything and everything. I know I can trust you, so thank you for that. Thanks for always being there when I’m angry or depressed or annoyed or discouraged. You always know what to say, and how to cheer me up.

She is loyal, trustworthy, loving, adorable, strong, honest, encouraging, funny, ridiculous, a giggle-creating machine and more than a conqueror through Christ. #besties4life I love you to the moon and back, Cat! prepares defibrillator

And those…

are my best friends.

Pretty rad right?


They got ’em all;) #bestfriendgoalz


(From left to right: Me (Larry) (I look distracted), Curly (actually looks kind of like you! Minus the curls;)), and Peewee (Moe) (photogenic as alwaysxD)

Peewee and Curly, look, it’s us! The Three Stooges!


(From left to right: Me (Rachel Dare) and Cat (Annabeth Chase))

This was literally the friendliest picture of the two of us I could find…We’re cute;)


You guys are the best! Love you all sooo much and thanks for being amazing.

What do you appreciate about your best friend(s)?



  1. What do I appreciate about my best(est) friends? Good question. Same thing you said, that they’re there when I need them and that they always have the right things to say to either make me feel better when I’m depressed and lonely, or feel guilty for abandoning those that are lonely and needy. One friend in particular, I can think of, who knows me better than I know myself. Her character traits are beyond describing, so let me just say, she’s so amazing! I don’t know how a loser like me ended up having such an awesome, loyal friend like her. I appreciate her sensitivity to my opinions and feelings and her ability to keep a conversation going in the right direction. (Or even just keeping a conversation, of which quality I lack…) I am still figuring out if I’m jealous of her bright blond tamable hair, or not…(Sorry, I have to make a conscious effort to have some sarcasm…)


    1. Friends are pretty great;) and your friend sounds amazing! It’s always a little sad when someone who lives far away is telling you about someone who sounds really great, and you know you’ll never get to meet them. But I have the bestest friends up here, and I’m glad you have great friends too:)


      1. Right?! I know I’ll never meet your friends and you’ll never meet mine, and it is really sad, because we want to meet the people who help make a difference in our friend’s life, but we can only hear the story from our friend’s point of view. That’s not a bad thing, just a sad thing. Yeah, I know what you mean, but I know that those friends are there for you in a way that I cannot be, and it’s reassuring to know that someone else can love on that friend even when you are not even thinking about them, but going about on your daily business. (Does that make sense?) Yeah, and I have some of the bestest friends here, but I rarely get to see them, so my best relationships can be with people far away in another state. (As evidenced by my relationships with almost all of my friends.) I have a ton of “friends” and some that I am pretty close to, but the people closest to me, are the ones that live in another state. (With the exception of my one friend) The closest friends are the farthest ones away! (Well, in my case/opinion anyway)


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