100 Happy Days: Day 10

(Day 10, right? I think…somewhere ’round there:P)

Today, what’s making me happy…ya know, today was kind of a weird day. I mean, usually I get to the end of the day and can look back and see easily what kind of day it was. It’s usually pretty obvious what made me happy, whether it’s one big obvious thing, a bunch of smaller things, or maybe something deeper that gave me joy in the midst of bad day. But today…idk, today was just normal. Nothing heart-wrenchingly heart-wrenching, but nothing that made me ecstatic. I s’pose I could make a list of all the little things that made my life better today…Or maybe I’ll just sit in silence for a minute and figure out what really made me happy today. See what God wants me to write about.

Excuse me a moment…

Okay, we’re back.

Today, what’s making me happy is bitter-sweet. Today, what’s making me happy is friendship.

I know, it sounds weird to call it bitter-sweet, and normally it’s all sweetness for me, but tonight, there’s some bitterness in the word. The thought came up because I’m missing my best friend, Cat. We haven’t seen each other in a month, and we may not get to see each other for a long time. (One of the few reason I hate summer.)

Friendship is amazing. I have so many wonderful friends. But it can be really hard too. I don’t always get along with my friends, my friends don’t always get along with each other, friends move and drift apart. It hurts when one of your friends is hurting. It’s hard to be separated from your best friend.

But I’m trying to focus on all the good things about friendship. Remembering all the fun times I’ve had with Cat. Wondering at how God has blessed our friendship. Imagining how wonderful it will be when we finally get together. And learning all the things God is teaching me through hard things like this.

Sometimes, you really do have to choose to be happy, to look past what’s bothering you and see the good that’s still out there. And remember that God has a plan. He loves you, and he’s always right there, and he’s never leaving.

And that’s day 10 of 100 Happy Days.

Have you ever chosen to be happy, even on a bad day? How’d you go about it?


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