100 Happy Days: Day 13

(Oo, thirteen is my lucky number! #insidejoke)

Today, what’s making me happy is the symbolism of baptism. Today, my best friend Eve (I know, I seem to call a lot of people my best friend, but I only have three best friends, Caitlin, Eve and Julia, aka Cat, Peewee and Curly) got baptised! It was such an amazing moment.

Eve and I used to go to the same church, but she and her family recently-ish started going to a different church. I remember Eve always said that she didn’t want to get baptised, and I didn’t realize until recently that was because she didn’t view our church as her family really, and she wasn’t ready yet to make that commitment. Not that she disliked the people at our church, she just never completely fit in, so getting baptised here didn’t feel right. I’m happy today because she found a church where she feels comfortable, she’s found her spiritual family, and she was ready to proclaim that she was a part of that family because of God’s grace and mercy, because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Second, I’m happy because of her life, her new life in Christ, the love and joy that He has bestowed on her and which she pours out on others. I’m happy, thankful for everything God has done in her life and everything He has done through her. I’m happy because of her public declaration of the transformation He has worked in her life, because of the symbolism of baptism. Eve is a new person through Christ.

And that’s day 13 of 100 Happy Days.

What made you happy today? What are your thoughts on baptism?


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