100 Happy Days: Day 15

Today, what made me happy was the arrival of my older sister Anna! She’s been on a missions trip in New Zealand for the past six-and-a-half weeks. And now she’s back!!! She brought home these candy/cookie/deliciousness things called Tim-Tams, and taught us how to eat them properly (the Tim Tam Slam). Her best friend Emily went with my parents to pick her up, came back and had dinner with us, and is now spending the night at Anna and Lizzie’s apartment. (She didn’t miss Anna at all…jk she almost died but not literally but kind of almost.) And so is Kelly. All four of them in that little apartment. xD

Anna’s back! Guys, Anna’s back! giggles All my big sisters are back. sigh of contentment Being the oldest here in MN was getting a little tiring.

And that’s day 15 of 100 Happy Days.

What made you happy today?


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