100 Happy Days: Day 16

Today, what’s making me happy is my big sister, Lizzie. She turned 22 today! We (my parents, siblings and grandparents) got her this super cute old-fashioned bike. I. really. want it. We went downtown for a picnic dinner, and I got to ride her bike around! It was so smooth and lovely:3

But we’re not here to talk about the bike, marvelous as it is. We’re here to talk about Lizzie.

Ya know what, just to make this easier, we’re going to make…you guessed it…a list.

  1. She is loving. She loves her siblings a lot and always takes time to hang out with us. She loves her parents. She’s always very respectful and honouring. She loves her friends. She sympathizes with her friends, but doesn’t allow them to wallow in self-pity.
  2. She is funny. Lizzie has an excellent sense of humour. She’s witty and sarcastic, makes my mom and I laugh, and my little siblings laugh even harder. (They laugh even when they don’t get the joke.) Her humour is always tasteful and actually funny.
  3. She is beautiful. Seriously, Lizzie is soso pretty. She’s got short (like, short bob/long pixie short), wavy, dark-brown hair, hazel eyes and super cute glasses, a button nose and an immense amount of freckles. Her style is unique, simple, modest and flattering.
  4. She is adventurous. She’s the one who went off on a two-month road trip. Sleeping in her car, pan-handling with her fiddle for gas money and doing her laundry at various laundry mats. She went out the West Coast, then down through California, and along through Arizona, up through Oklahoma to Kansas City, then down to Tennessee, where she stayed with one of her best friends. Second week of June, they went back to the Kansas City area for the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop. Before Tennessee, Lizzie was traveling completely alone. She stayed at friend’s houses sometimes over night, but mostly slept in her car, parked at rest stops, in an empty cul-de-sac (wasn’t as empty as she thought, and woke up to construction workers), McDonald’s parking lots…She also got a lot of advice from homeless people in LA. xD Lizzie loves to experience new things, attempt new activities and try new foods. She is adventurous and very independent.
  5. She is wise.
  6. She is inspiring.
  7. She is encouraging.
  8. She has a strong faith in God.
  9. She is an absolutely stunning artist (seriously. she’s so. good.), an insightful writer and a talented musician.

This is my big sister. And I love her. A lot. Happy birthday, Lizzie. Thanks for being such a wonderful, supportive sister. May God bless this next year of your life.

And that is day 16 of 100 Happy Days.

What made you happy today?



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