100 Happy Days: Day 19

I’m trying to catch up on these but idk if that’s going to happen tonight…I’ll crank out this one for sure, and hopefully finish the rest of them tomorrow.

So, what made me happy on Saturday…

Ugh, that was so long ago.

Hang on, let me look at the calendar and see what happened…

Well. Would ya look at that. Nothing written on the calendar. I have a vague memory of kind of cleaning my room and watching more Emma Approved.

Oo, ya know what, I listened to Ambient Blue on Saturday. Ambient Blue is the “brain-child” of my friend Isaac. He makes synth-pop/Electronica music, but it’s super chill and beautiful and amazing. You can find it on Spotify, SoundCloud and just about any other music platform.

So, like I said, it’s really chill and relaxing, and it made me happy:)

If you want to check him out (eh-heh…that sounds a lot wierder than I meant it too…), a couple of my favourites are Lights (original and remixes, they’re all awesome), Bloom and Luminosity. But seriously, they’re all awesome. So listen to all of them. Now. Do it.

And that was day 19 of 100 Happy Days.

What kind of music makes you happy?


Almost caught up! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish tomorrow:)

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