100 Happy Days: Day 20

Mmm…Sunday was a happy day. It didn’t start out too hot (I slept in and missed church:P), but then we went to my mom’s cousin Mike’s house, and there was food and a pool, so…that was cool.

K, first off, Mike and his wife Denise are basically two of the coolest, sweetest, wonderfulest people ever. Definitely some of my favourite relatives.

Then, it was a Munkelwitz gathering. Munkelwitz is my mom’s maiden name (it’s German, and pronounced basically exactly as it’s spelled). This wasn’t an official Munkelwitz gathering, but it was hosted by Munkelwitz’s, and there were Munkelwitz’s there. Which means food. Lots of it. Lots of good food. There was a strange amount of pasta salad…and plenty of desserts!

Mike and Denise and their three boys moved not quite a year ago. They keep getting farther away…but now they have a pool, so it’s all good:3 It’s a really nice pool. It’s pretty small, and only like eight or nine feet deep, but that’s deep enough for diving! It was seriously super fun though:) I love swimming, and diving. Practicing my own diving off the diving board, and sort of coaching my younger sister. It was also actually really fun having it fairly shallow, because it was easy to do a surface dive and touch the bottom, or even just sink to the bottom, feet first. That was really fun. 😀 The slide was fun, playing with my sibs was fun…it was all good.

And, of course, there was my sister Lizzie’s fabulous fiddle playing. Dang, she good. All in all, it was a really fun day. A happy day.

And that was day 20 of 100 Happy Days.

What were some highlights of your weekend?


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