100 Happy Days: Day 21

Monday, what made me happy was NOT HAVING SWIMMING. It was so nice not to have to wake up at 6:30, then swim my butt off for an hour and a half. I didn’t really get to sleep in (my body woke me up at 7:30. For my swimmer self, that’s sleeping in.), but that was okay. Monday was another pretty happy day.

First of all, there’s the obvious. I think this was the first Independence Day that I really thought about what we’re celebrating and why. I thought about what freedoms we do have, about freedoms that we’re losing, and then back to freedoms that we still do have, even those that are slipping away. I mean, first off, religious freedom. Yes, we may be ridiculed for what we believe. We may lose friends, opportunities, a lot of things. But we’re not being imprisoned, beaten, tortured, killed, forced to give up our beliefs–which is what Christians in a lot of other countries have to go through. Maybe religious freedom isn’t the same as it was in the beginning. But it’s there. And how about the freedom of speech? The right to protest? I’ll admit, some people take these rights too far, or use them in ways we might not agree with. But they’re there. In some countries, protesting, speaking up for what’s right, speaking against what’s wrong, going against what the government and society have set up, can be punishable by death. Wow. Glad that here in America, we can speak our minds, stand up for ourselves and the truth, protest against what we believe is wrong or unjust, and we can do so without fear.

My friend Cat also pointed another kind of freedom, in her 100 Happy Days, Day 5. We have spiritual freedom, through Christ. We are no longer bound by the chains of sin and fear. We are no longer slaves to our sinful and fearful natures. We have been set free, through Christ’s blood! And not only that, but we have freedom through God’s grace, mercy and patience. Yes, we’re going to mess up and make mistakes. But God will still love us. And we no longer have to fear his wrath. Because we are free.

Other highlights of the day included going to my friend’s house for her family’s party, where I at fruit pizza and potato salad, and met my friend’s cousin Holly, who plays guitar and…LISTENS TO HAMILTON. You have no idea how happy that made me happy. dies And we played music together, me on the piano, her on the guitar, and it was so beautiful and super fun. I also got to see all my awesome friends (Rudy, Savanna, Nico, Tony, Isaac, Amanda, Mason…). I did not go to the fireworks, as I had planned, because I was just really tired:P But, I stayed home and watched Emma Approved, so it was all good;D

And that was day 21 of 100 Happy Days.

What Fourth of July experience made you happy this year? What are some freedoms you’re thankful for?


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