100 Happy Days: Day 23

Hmm…Wednesday…Oh, that was yesterday.

Yesterday was a very long time ago.

OH duh.

I got a job yesterday.

Well, actually, apparently I got it last Friday, but…well, things happened, miscommunications were made, and yeah. But it’s official. I am now a restaurant…lol…a hostess at Joseph’s Family Restaurant, where my older sister Anna is a waitress. Tomorrow is my first day, so…wish me luck!

That made me pretty happy yesterday:)

I also got to hang out at the beach with my friend Emmanuel! It was my first time at the beach this summer! I started a sand castle and was covering it with rocks, but didn’t have time to finish:/ Hanging out with Emmanuel was really fun;)

And that was day 23 of 100 Happy Days.

What made you happy yesterday?


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