100 Happy Days: Day 25

(Wow! A fourth of the way through already! Yay^-^)

Today, what made me happy was…well, first of all, as of 10:30 am today, I have had exactly 111 visitors! Granted, some of those may have been me on other people’s computers, but still. It’s a pretty cool number. Eleventy-one visitors. (Comment below if you got that reference. Or you can comment above, if you can find a comment box. I really don’t care where you comment, just as long as you comment. =D

Second, today was my first day of work! I am now an official hostess at Joseph’s Family Restaurant in Stillwater. If any of y’all live in the St. Croix Valley, you should come visit me some weekend! I work Sunday evening…So far, it’s been really fun. Caroline was training me in and she was super sweet. It was so cool to actually BE the person showing people to their seats, and answering questions, and stuff. And. I got to walk through the kitchen. Do you realize how much power I felt, being able to walk through the kitchen. xD So, work was fun, and I was happy.

I also watched more Emma Approved and OH MY GOSH. Emma and Alex. I…kind of can’t even. Which is weird, ’cause I usually can even, but where Emma and Alex are concerned…If you’ve never seen this show, you won’t understand how much I ship them. It’s a lot.

But, no day is perfectly happy. In fact…today was far from perfectly happy.

I found out this morning that one of my best friend’s mom passed away this morning. She had a lot of heart problems, and recently had a really big surgery, and…I guess her body just couldn’t handle it anymore. My friend, Piper, is only fourteen. If y’all could be praying for peace and comfort for their family, that would be great.

But even in this, there is joy. Mrs. Glirbas is now fully healed! She is no longer sick, her body is perfect! Yes, it’s sad to lose her. But her family will see her again. Yes, they will miss her more than words, and they will be separated for so long. But this separation isn’t forever. When they see each other again, Mrs. Glirbas will be completely healthy, and they will be in God’s presence! Even in sadness, there is joy.

But there is still sadness.

And that’s day 25 of 100 Happy Days.

What made you happy today? What made you unhappy?


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