100 Happy Days: Day 26

I know, I know, it’s been, like, 100 days since I last did this, but I really would like to finish. Plus, last time, I stopped right at 25. So now I’ve got exactly 3/4s more to do.

Today what made me happy was my friends (fam) on the One Year Adventure Novel forum. One Year Adventure Novel is this amazing writing curriculum I’m doing, and there’s a super epic online forum. Basically, this place is…amazing.

I’ve been on there for a month now, and I have made sososo many friends, and we’ve already formed so many inside jokes (“Studious moose”, “Sy’s a robot”, “No pokes.” and waywayway more.) I’ve also gotten a lot of help with my writing, both my novel and my poetry.

Everybody is so welcoming and friendly and fun. It’s so easy to make friends. And my amazing OYAN family… My mom Xena; my grandmother Pen and Ink; my mentor bookie; my snorflee piece of bacon Jake; my little brother Dalton (Doll and Dal forever); my ghost aunt Tabby; my cousins Sky and Bex; my CD C.D.; my twins Carolina and Jake; my Desserter Triplets Elly and Ellie; my baker Pirate; my grandpappy Jonny; my second cousin J; and my sisters Shaina and Sy. They’re all so wonderful. I love them all to piece. gives you all muffins

Also, just…tonight. Everything about it.

My warm mint tea. Getting to chat with some of my favourite people. Getting to chat with my best friend. The sound of the traffic. The wind. My beautiful playlist. Doing my favourite homework. Using a nice pen. sigh of contentment

Tonight is good.

I am happy.

How have you all been? What made you happy today?


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