100 Happy Days: Day 27


Today what made me happy was this book I read. Never Mind: A Twin Novel by Avi and his twin sister, Rachel Vail. If you haven’t read it, read it. It’s pretty good. I’m not gonna do a full-on book review, just tell you a little bit about it, and why it made me happy.

So, this book is about these two kids (twins), Edward and Meg. They really don’t get along, and are way different. To impress certain people and get back at other people, they weave together this story about Edward being Ted, the leader of the popular boy band, Never Mind. But people get wrong impressions and miscommunications happen, and…Meg likes Ted? Her apparently-awesome twin brother? Or is it Phelps, the cutest boy at school? And Edward (or Ted, rather) is dating Meg’s friend Kimberley? And now “Ted’s” band is expected to play at Kimberley’s party, even though the other band members don’t even know who Ted is. And would you believe it–neither twin knows that the other knows about the whole plot, and actually contributed to it. The point of view switches each chapter between Meg and Edward, so the reader is the only one who gets every piece of the story.

Okay, so it might sound lame and cheesy and Disney Channel Original Movie worth (which, granted, it might kind of be…) but it was actually a really good book. The story was put together very well, the characters were well-developed and relatable, and it had some really funny moments. Despite the fact that it was written for kids, this teen really enjoyed it.

And that’s what made me happy.

What made you happy today? Have you heard of Avi or Rachel Vail? Have you read this book?


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