100 Happy Days: Day 29

(Sorry this is late, I somehow completely forgot about it yesterday :p)

Yesterday what made me happy was mostly two things. Plus another little-ish thing.

K, so first, like I said in Day 28, I spent Friday night at my grandparent’s house. Saturday morning, I slept until 10, which was beautiful, and then watched Netflix, ate breakfast and chatted with Oma (German for ‘grandma’). She bought me a bunch of gluten free stuff :3 I took a beautiful shower and they have the actual softest towels, guys. So, basically all I did there was eat, sleep and watch Netflix…but it was fun 😀

Second, I went to a barn dance last night! It was lit, man. xD But seriously, it was so fun. The food was amazing, the dancing was…crazy, but very fun, and I got to hang out with my best friend ^.^

And the little thing was swapping musics with a friend online. We have very similar music tastes (mostly obscure Indie music…). She showed me this solo project called Radical Face which is sooo beautiful, and I finally got someone to listen to my favourite song 8D (If you wanna make me happy, listen to this song. Don’t let the title deter you. It’s actually a beautiful song with very deep lyrics. And it was written by a college student, so he knows what he’s talkin’ ’bout yo.)

And that’s what made me happy :3

What made you happy yesterday? Have any music recommendations? Want any recs?


Also, I started Flash season 2 and Supergirl season 1. They’re both good (but Flash is better xD)

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