100 Happy Days: Day 30

Today what made me happy was work.

Okay, well, not really the job itself, but the people I work with.

I’m so lucky to work in a place where I love my co-workers and employer. (Okay actually my friend and I secretly judge my employer, but he’s not awful. Just…a bit eccentric.)

The people I work with are wonderful. They’re so welcoming of new employees, and everybody’s friends. There’s always playful banter being thrown around, Kristine’s always singing something, Epi’s being ridiculous and making us all laugh…Lori’s forgetting our names, Joe Jr’s “accidentally” bumping into everybody or offering to punch people who walk out the door without a word…Tony’s telling funny stories, Kyle’s mis-taking somebody’s sarcasm, Shaela’s dropping things…I work with some pretty great people. They make me laugh, they make me feel appreciated, they make me feel like I’m part of the family.

Even my employer (Joe Sr) isn’t so bad…Wouldn’t hurt him to lighten up a little, though 😉

What made you happy today?


I’m hoping to get a real post out sometime this week!

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