100 Happy Days: Day 32

(Sorry, another day late post :/)

Today what made me happy was the OYAN webinar this evening. (For those who are just joining us, OYAN is One Year Adventure Novel, the very epic writing curriculum I’m doing.) (And for those who are unversed in OYAN or really any course with online stuff, a webinar is basically a video lecture. But it’s OYAN, and it’s the S’s, so it’s super fun.)

Not only are these webinars super fun, they’re also very insightful. This one was about…kind of a lot. We talked about letting your character have their little quirks. Let them hide M&Ms in the freezer, or chew cigar stubs (then followed a revelation of all our secret stashes. which are no longer secret. now a lot of people know about my candy stash in the freezer and the box of tea in my drawer.) We talked about creating specific emotions in our readers by making our characters feel those emotions. Showing, not telling, more or less. We also talked about how you have to care about your characters. If you don’t care about your characters, neither will your readers.

But all seriousness aside, a princess got some lettuce in her eye and Hedgie discovered her talent for inserting breakfast food comparisons into her writing. Bravo, Hedgie, bravo. You finally found your life calling. applause

So, yeah. That’s what made me happy yesterday.

What made you happy yesterday?


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