100 Happy Days: Day 34

Today what made me happy was my very first video call with my awesome friend Xena!!

(Also, my first video call with someone other than my best friend, so there’s that.)

I met Xena on the One Year Adventure Novel online forum. She welcomed me right away and was super friendly and warm. Not long after, she adopted me as her “daughter”. In the past month and a half that I’ve known her, Xena has encouraged me and brought so much joy to my life. Mama Xena, never lose your unicorn sparkle ❤

Video chatting with Xena was sososo wonderful. I was a little worried that it would be kinda awkward, but honestly, it couldn’t have been better. (Of course, it was too short, but there really wasn’t much we could do about that.) We talked a lot about the OYAN Summer Workshop, but I honestly got to know her better through that conversation. I learned that she loves meeting new people (well…I guess I already knew that :P) and that she looks for people who look alone or lost, which really shows her loving and compassionate spirit. She made this video chat completely awk-free, and, obviously, made me super happy. It was definitely too short, though, so we’ll have to do it again very soon.

I have the best non-biological mother ever. And one of the best friends ever. Love you, Xe ❤

And that’s day 34 of 100 Happy Days.

What made you happy today? Have you ever video chatted someone? Was it awkward?



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