100 Happy Days: Day 36-41

I’m sososo sorry I haven’t posted in, like, a week! Rather than having a bunch of posts all today, I’ll just combine the days I missed into one post.

Day 36: I worked A TON on Saturday. Pretty much all day. Which was exhausting, but also monies. I made so much money last weekend, so I’m now that much closer to the Summer Workshop :D:D:D

Day 37: First of all, I went to a party at my friend’s house, and got to see one of my best friends for the first time in forever. It was sososo good to see you again, Piper ❀ We actually had three of the four squad together xD After that, I went to a small concert at our church. It was for a couple from Nashville, Jonathan and Emily Martin. Their drummer (Sammi <3) went to our church before college in Tennessee stole her from us, and now she’s drumming for this amazing couple. Their music comes pretty much out of scripture, and it’s so beautiful and encouraging and happy! Also, these people are so adorable. Like, all their album covers and stuff are just so dang cute :3 I bought one of their albums, so that’s kewl πŸ˜€ Their music is on Spotify, so if you have a Spotify account, definitely look them up!

Day 38: tries to remember what happened on Monday Well, it was fun seeing my friends at co-op…and drivers ed was fun…and not much else happened that day.

Day 39: Tuesday was pretty much the same as Monday, minus co-op. So, um…drivers ed was cool…facepalm Idk man, that was a long time ago. I mean, I’m sure all my OYAN forum friends made me happy…We’ll just go with that. I love you, all my wonderful OYAN fam ❀

Day 40: Okay. That was yesterday. I remember yesterday. πŸ˜› I went to Feed My Starving Children with my youth group! It was a lot of fun, and we got so many meals packed! I think we filled 90 boxes, which is somewhere around 19,470, I think? It was an awesome night, not only really fun, but also so cool to be able to be such a blessing like that.

Day 41: Today! Today what made me super happy was getting a really long letter from my best friend, Cat ^.^ And I’m talking looooong. Like, nine lined pages, front and back. It was, as usual, a super awesome, wonderful letter. Getting the letter was good enough, but then opening it and reading, right off the top of the letter “What I like about you” and then a long list…well, that just kinda made my day :3 Also, all of my OYAN people. They are my favourites. All of them

And that is days 36-41 of 100 Happy Days.

What made you happy this week? Did you do anything over the weekend?


I know I said I’d have a real post out by the end of the last week, and I know I didn’t, and I’m really sorry, but I really think I can have one finished by the end of this week. If I don’t have a real post published by Sunday evening, feel free to yell at me and throw hard objects.


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