This post is dedicated to my friend, Piper. Piper’s mom passed away in July. And…I can only imagine what that’s like. Actually, I can’t. I can’t imagine losing my mom, especially so young. I didn’t Piper’s mom very well, but I know she was a very loving mom, and I remember how helpful and willing she was at our co-op.

Piper is strong, in basically every sense of the word. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Piper is a runner and dancer, and is also just naturally very strong. (She beat Percy in an arm-wrestling contest.) She’s also really smart: both creative and logical. Then, she’s very strong emotionally. She doesn’t get offended very easily, and I’ve never seen her cry. She’s confident, poised, level-headed, occasionally a bit dramatic, but what girl isn’t?

But finally, and most importantly, Piper has a very strong faith. She has encouraged and inspired me so much. All through her mom’s sickness and death, Piper kept relying on God and trusting him. She’s going to a new school now, her first year not being homeschooled. Her new school is really tough, and as far as she knows, there are no other Christians. Piper gets teased pretty often for being previously homeschooled, and for not getting into all the drugs, swearing, sex and other crap. That kind of peer pressure is hard to withstand, but Piper is doing an amazing job. She still holds fast to her beliefs and morals.

Besides strong, though, Piper is super funny. She makes me laugh all the time. She is kind and caring. She never ignores her friends’ problems and is always there to listen and offer advice. She is fiercely loyal. She’ll pretty much protect her friends with her life. (Thankfully, it hasn’t come to that quite yet. But close o.o)

Piper is amazing. And she’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Sure, we’ve had our fights and disagreements. But in the end, we’ve gotten over them. Piper has been really patient with various episodes of my drama and selfishness. She’s forgiving and understanding.

Piper is lit. A blessing from God. A warrior.

I love you, Piper. We need to hang out soon. I miss you.


(Told you I’d get a real post out this week ;P)


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