100 Happy Days: Day 42-46

Another multiple-day post…

Day 42: can’t even remember what happened on Friday Um…Well, I worked…I don’t think that made me particularly happy, though 😛 Um…yeah. I also wrote quite a few letters to people to whom I hadn’t written in a while, so there’s that.

Day 43: I worked again, but thankfully only one shift in the morning, instead of three throughout the day, like last Saturday 😛 We also have some family over for lunch, and food is yummy, so food made me happy on Saturday. Also, Netflix :3

Day 44: I stayed up late (too late :p) watching Netflix and writing a bunch of stuff, including a letter to a friend, finishing a couple blog posts, and adding to some lists my best friend and I are creating for when we get together next.

Day 45: My mom made me go to swimming, and…I guess I can’t  say I’m sorry I went. It wasn’t fun, per se, but it was nice to be back in the pool, nice to be active again. Nice to be swimming hard. So I guess that feeling made me happy.

Day 46: Ugh. Today was pretty awful. But what made me happy was watching part of MacGyver. Omw, I love that show with all my heart and soul xD It’s so funny!! If you haven’t seen it…watch it. It’s on Netflix, go watch it. It’s so funny, but some of the funniest parts aren’t even purposefully funny, they’re just…ridiculous xD

And that’s day 42-46 of 100 Happy Days.

What’s made you happy this past week? Seen any good shows recently? Let me know down in the comments so I can check them out!




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