100 Happy Days: Day 47 + BREAKING NEWS

hides behind blanket Um…hey guys…how’s it goin’…heh…haven’t seen y’all in a while…hem…cough

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. I’m not dead, I’m just…meh life. šŸ˜› I’m a leetle embarrassed by how long this 100 days has lasted… blush I think I’m going to do the next few days and get to fifty, and then put this on official hold. Because I currently don’t have time to post once a month (okay I have time, I just don’t take it), much less once a day.

Today what made me happy wasĀ Much Ado About Nothing, a Shakespearean play. As I may have mentioned, I’ve gotten pretty into the YouTube book-to-vlogs: taking a classic novel and turning it into a modern-day vlog. (A thus-far six part review of all the book-to-vlogs I have seen is in the making.) I recently started one calledĀ Nothing Much To Do and I’ll admit, I didn’t get into it right away. The first episodes were kinda boring, but once I got past the first few, IT’S SO FUNNY. I mean, seriously, the original play is super funny, but then you give the characters faces and New ZealandĀ accents and more modern and relatable situations–tears. Tears were happening.

Backstory: I couldn’t remember for a long time if I had read Much Ado About Nothing or As You Like It. After starting Nothing Much To Do, I decided to read the play, and realized pretty quickly that I had notĀ read Much Ado About Nothing. So yeah, I’m reading and watching it at the same time. Honestly, it makes them both even better. With the book/play/thing, I now have faces to put to names, and more personality, so Beatrice and Benedick’s banter (#alliteration) is even funnier. With the vlog, it’s just fun to match conversations and situations to events in the book, and notice where they include a line or paraphrase from the play.

The play is lovely and super funny, but the vlog. THE VLOG.

Bea and Ben. Or as I like to call them, Bean. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR BEAN SPAM

TheĀ realĀ “And So It Begins”
Bea’s just like ‘nope we’re talking about me’ andĀ Ben’s just like ‘Oh right um okay bye Floyd’
*aggressively won’t stop talking about how much he hates Beatrice*
I’m still mad that they didn’t have the “I do love nothing in the world so well as you: is not that strange?” part, but this was still cute :3
Reason #1 Why I Will Never Get A Boyfriend: I’LL NEVER BE AS CUTE AS THESE TWO.

Related image

(There is a strange and unfortunate lack of Bean gifs/memes in this world, or this would have gone on much longer.) Those ^^^ were only a few examples of this darling ship, and they really can’t express how lovely they are, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or go watch the series. Or go read the play. Or both. Either way, Beatrice and Benedick are amazing little beans.

Okay, but besides Bean, there areĀ a lot of other wonderful things about this webseries.

#1. Hero is a DEAR. And I may haveĀ cried during the birthday party episode…and the episode where Claudio thinks she’s…ya know…and the episode at the park…UGH I JUST WANTED TO PUNCH CLAUDIO’S TEETH IN cough sorry he just ugh AND ALSO PEDRO. AND JOHN AND ROBBIE. HOW COULD YOU. TO HERO.Ā HERO.

#2. Balthazar is a darling :3 Like seriously, he’s so adorable and just kind of chilling in the background with his music, but he’s always there for anyone who needs advice or a ukuleleist for their love song.Ā Also, he actually has the most soothing voice ever. And the Sigh Not So music video?! Gold.

#3. Pedro is pretty adorable–an all round great guy, you might say…

Image result for nothing much to do

And Claudio is too, and he and Hero areĀ adorable. Ya know, before everything. (Okay but at the park too. That part just. Mm.)

#4. The acting isĀ really great (especially Ben), and not just because they all have adorable New Zealand/Australian/British accents, though those areĀ definitely a plus. The actors all do a really good job of getting into their characters and making the videos seem natural, comfortable and unrehearsed.

Pretty much the only problem I have with this (besides the swearing. Always annoying :/) was The Watch, but to be fair, I don’t really like them in the book either. I dunno, they were just…kind of boring? And maybe a little overdone, like, the actors went a little overboard. However, please note, if you decide to watch the webseries, watch their videos. They contain multiple important plot details and stuff. And they do have some cute moments–like when they’re reading Scandal in Bohemia and find out about SherlockĀ and his coke use and they’re just…so shocked. “Extended metaphor!”

And that’s day 47 of 50 happy days šŸ˜‰

(But if I’m honest, it was mostly just Bean. They’re so cute it’s not even fair.)


What made you happy today? Have you seen Nothing Much To Do, or any other book-to-vlog webseries? Have you read Much Ado About Nothing?


Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the breaking news. šŸ˜‰ So, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, I haven’t really posted inĀ like…three months. ducks head in shame However, I think (maybe) I’ll be able to post more often from here on out, mayyybe even once a week. Maybe. I’ve scheduled in writing blog posts as an official part of Wednesday afternoons, so I’ll at least be working on posts, even if it takes me a whileĀ to post them. At this point, I think my post day will be Monday. After a month or two, if I find that I’m able to have a post or two done /before/ Monday, I may move it to Saturday. shrugs I guess we’ll see.

So yeah, that’s all, you can go now. Hopefully maybe see you on Monday! (Okay actually tomorrow because I’m going to finish up the last three days of 50 Happy Days heh.)



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