100 Happy Days: Day 48

Today what made me happy is just this song, Sigh Not So. I know I posted this link in my post yesterday, but today, it’s this song specifically that’s making me happy.

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat pretty much all afternoon, plus I had it stuck in my head at work this morning.

I’m not quite certain why I love it so much. I guess because it’s so beautiful and soothing. Reuben Hudson’s voice is pure gold, and his guitar skills are ON POINT. Honestly, this song makes me wish I played the guitar.

Plus, Reuben’s face while he’s playing is so adorable and precious and he is a cinnamon roll.

And that’s day 48 of 100 happy days (shortened to fifty because life).

What made you happy today? Do you have a favourite song?



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