100 Happy Days: Days 49 & 50

Good job, Ari, can’t even keep it up for three days in a row.

Sorry I missed yesterday, folks. My sister Kelly was over, I went to the library, we made cupcakes…and I forgot about this. xP

Yesterday what made me happy was:

  1. As I mentioned, Kelly came over, for the first time in a while. :3 She is such a dear.
  2. I went to the library (as I also mentioned) and I got this book from the kid’s book sale for 50 cents. It’s a three-in-one series, supposedly sci-fi, but the first book is called Little Fuzzy, so forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical. It caught my eye on the shelf, plus it has these very strange mustached ewok-esque creatures on the front, so I had to get it. I haven’t started it yet, but I guess we’ll see if it’s as awful as it looks.
  3. I got chocolateee.

Today what made me happy was…probably just hanging out with my friends at co-op. Seriously, I have the best classmates. Kiara and Kristin are so sweet, Anna and Sarah just get me, Grayson makes me laugh pretty much all the time, Hayley is such a great friend, Jake and Jensen never cease to make class more interesting, and Adam is…well, he’s just Adam, and that is all. xD Thanks for being lit, guys. ❤

And that, dear readers, is the last two days of 100 Happy Days: Part 1. Whether or not I will continue this when I have more time, I am not yet sure. I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that 100 Happy Days was meant to stay on social media. I hate leaving things unfinished like this, but it really just isn’t working. So unless, for some strange reason, I decide to pick this back up after school ends (because let’s be honest. I won’t have “more time” until June.) this is the end of 100 Happy Days. Or, technically, 50. Or, literally, a lot more than both of those put together. xP

What made you happy this weekend? Read any strange books lately? Do you have any classmates who you especially appreciate?


I know I said Monday was going to be my official post day, but what with wrapping this up today, and Valentine’s tomorrow, my official post for the week will be tomorrow. And yes, it will be a Valentine’s Day post, but I promise I’ll try to make it as un-sappy and un-cliche as possible. 😉 See you tomorrow!


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