Le Valentine’s Day Post

I had a billion ideas for this post (none of them about my own love life, and none of them the sappy, kinda dramatic and definitely cliche posts that you see around this time of year.) but I couldn’t pick just one, so I thought I’d try them all out and see how it works.

First off, you’ll be seeing a lot of my favourite valentine’s scattered throughout the post.

A while ago, I started making a list for my perfect boyfriend–based on my favourite traits from various fictional characters. I’m still working on it (I’ll be working on it as long as I’m discovering new books and shows) but here’s what I’ve got so far, and the characters from which I pulled these traits:

Physical appearance:

  1. Khakis and a green shirt (Alex Knightley from Emma Approved, Jack Thornton from When Calls The Heart), newsie cap and a bow tie (Jack Kelly from Newsies, The Doctor from Doctor Who, William Darcy from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries)
  2. Very strong, but not grossly ripped (A lot of guys, but probably mainly Steve Rogers/Captain America from the Marvel universe)
  3. No pointy chins (like Tarzan from the Disney movie) or otherwise grotesque facial features
  4. Curly hair (Leo Fitz from Agents of SHIELD and Colin Firth in all his movies) (red would be great; otherwise, preferably darker)
  5. Eye colour–dreamy (Hans from Frozen)
  6. Must look good in period clothing (Mr. Darcy  and Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice, Billy Finch from Land Girls)
  7. Wears fandom t-shirts (Benedick Hobbes from Nothing Much To Do)


Interests and hobbies:

  1. Science, preferably engineering (Leo Fitz from SHIELD)
  2. Likes mangoes and flamingos (Benedick Hobbes from Nothing Much To Do)
  3. Good singing voice and plays at least one instrument (Balthazar Jones from Nothing Much To Do)
  4. Regularly plots world domination (Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Vlog)
  5. Sailing and being captain of things (Nat Eaton from The Witch of Blackbird Pond)
  6. Baking (Peeta Mellark from Hunger Games)


Character traits:

  1. Adorable (Peter Pan from The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, Simon Rivers from The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice)
  2. Smart (Leo Fitz from SHIELD, Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton, Barry Allen from The Flash)
  3. Funny (Benedick Hobbes from Nothing Much To Do, Riley Poole from National Treasure, Alex Jefferson from Adventures in Odyssey, Kaiden Marlowe from Zamalek)
  4. Brave (Jem Blythe from the Anne series, Steward from Light of Western Stars, John Sanders from Granite Flats)
  5. Passionate (Timmy Sanders from Granite Flats, Jack Kelly from Newsies)
  6. Loyal (Alex Knightley from Emma Approved, Leo Valdez from Heroes Of Olympus series)
  7. Confident (or possibly just cocky xD) (Farkle Minkus from Girl Meets World, Tony Stark/Iron Man from the Marvel Universe, Han Solo from Star Wars)



  1. Has an accent (Fitz from SHIELD, Balth and Ben from NMTD)
  2. Is just generally a muffin (Robin DeNoir from Secret of Moonacre, Dean Forester from Gilmore Girls, Jest from Heartless)

I think that about covers it…I probably missed some really important fictional crushes, but that’s okay. Now you’ve got a taste of my fictional interests.


Now, here’s a list of my favourite romantic episodes from webseries’ I’ve seen, and you should definitely watch them all, even if you haven’t seen the rest of the webseries, because they’re all wonderful and adorable and stuff. (CONTENT WARNING: I think one or two of these might have a little bit of swearing in them? Maybe? And fyi, I don’t think any of them get super sexy, so you probably won’t have to shield your eyes at all. 😉 )

  1. Emma Woodhouse and Alex Knightley, Emma Approved, Episode 70: At Last
  2. Lizzie Bennet and William Darcy, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Episode 98: Gratitude
  3. Peter Pan and Wendy Darling, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, Episode 12: Fear and Loathing in Neverland
  4. Benedick Hobbes and Beatrice Duke, Nothing Much To Do, Episode 65: NYEEH
  5. Ben and Bea again, Episode 73: BLEURGH


Aaand…yep, that’s about it. I know, nothing super deep or meaningful, buuut…what can I say. I am one of the singlest pringles out there, I did nothing to celebrate today except work (oh, and a couple of my friends texted me silly valentines xD) and I dun really love Valentine’s Day. (The original story is cool, though.) Hope you enjoyed these various romantic-ish…romantic things. (thisiswhyidon’tdorelationships)

This one from my friend Martha xD (I hate sand too, Anakin.)
And this one from my friend Samantha. I told her that these facts would be very useful when I start my garden this spring.

Did you do anything for Valentine’s Day? What are your thoughts on this good-idea-gone-commercial holiday? Did you get any chocolate? (I didn’t. D:)

Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy Galentine’s Day, a couple days late. 😉



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